*Please note, you must be between the ages of 12-17 to be eligible.


  • Automatic Associate Membership with EMP Pathways (if applicable)
  • Access to band practice room for 1 and half hours per week (school term)
  • Full support from qualified EMP Pathways Support Workers
  • Guidance from internationally renowned music industry professionals 
  • Free band logo design
  • Free photography session
  • Guaranteed live performance at a reputable Adelaide venue
  • Live performance review by online media outlet    



Terms and Conditions of Subscription – The Jam Den Program



  • You must be between the ages of 12-17 to be eligible to subscribe to The Jam Den Program. Further, as E.M.P. Pathways does not yet have a venue, the Jam Den program will take place in a hired venue.   

  • Subscription is subject to availability 


Subscription Requirements:

We measure weekly, the gaming habits of all our program subscribers to monitor, evaluate and identify any potential risks, benefits or links to behavioral and social change. We use this information to provide guidance and ongoing support to both our program subscribers and their guardians to ensure the young person experiences a healthy balance of real world social activities and learning in conjunction with productive and non productive (but always safe) screentime. While data gathered from this form will be used for evaluation and program improvement purposes, subscribers names will be kept confidential in any released document.


Attendance & Missed Band Practices:

  • We understand that at times subscribers will be unable to attend band practice, but highly encourage subscribers to attend each practice as a good band depends on good teamwork.

  • Band practice is only a part of the Jam Den Program, equipment, equipment maintenance, venue hire, logo creation, photography etc are all included. As a result, we offer no refunds for missed band practices.



  • The minimum subscription period to The Jam Den program is 40 weeks (not including school holidays).

  • Subscribers may commence the program on any week of the school term.

  • A member may resign from their Jam Den subscription by giving written notice to the secretary or public officer of the association - 

  • Any resigning member shall be liable for any outstanding subscriptions which may be recovered as a debt due to the association.

  • Any member whose subscription is outstanding for more than three months after the due date for Payment shall cease to be a member of the association, provided always that the committee may reinstate such a persons membership on such terms as it thinks fit.


Subscriber Welfare:

  • All  E.M.P Pathways Jam Den Workers carry a working with children’s check and adhere to the highest quality expectations surrounding young people’s safety.

  • E.M.P. Pathways Jam Den Workers are responsible for subscribers under 18 during allocated band practice times only. We do not take responsibility for Young People outside of these times.

  • Please notify E.M.P. Pathways via if your child has any special needs that may require addressing in relation to their involvement in the program.

  • Parents are invited and encouraged to attend Band Practices at any time. 


  • E.M.P. Pathways will provide all equipment, though you can choose to bring your own if you wish.


Photography & Videos:

  • E.M.P. Pathways encourages subscribers to film each band practice using their own devices for the purpose of reviewing how the band is sounding. 

  • E.M.P. Pathways, on occasion, will use group photos or videos from band practices, concerts or other events on our social media and other advertising.

  • We will always seek specific permission of the subscriber (if over 18) or from a guardian (if under 18) if we are hoping to use any photos or footage of that subscriber.

  • Please let us know if you do not want photographed or videoed at all.


*We value your privacy, please read our Privacy Policy.