For One In Three Aussies - Music Is Life

Music is the greatest passion for one in three Australian's, but 34% of us can't afford to go and see it live. Moreover, 25% of us are too far away from live music venues, while 20% of our young people do not want to go to live shows alone.

These are the findings of a new study released by Media Insight Consulting and the Victorian Music Development Office, which surveyed over 2,025 Australians through an online 30-question survey focussed on music access and engagement.

While a whopping 60% of Australians attend a live music event at least once a year and 18% at least once a month, the study shows there is clear room for improvement.

MDO Music Consumer IVMDO Music Consumer Insights live music.

Of course, live music is just a tiny fraction of the Australian public's total music consumption. Online streaming services and radio dominate how most of us listen to music, but despite their enormity, the study found that even CD's still have there place.

Chris Carey, CEO of Media Insight Consulting, said that the CD offers a more in-depth and connected listening experience to streaming: “This is encouraging for artists who want to deliver a body of work (not just tracks) and the demand highlights the opportunity for musicians to sell CDs and whole albums directly to consumers via their own digital channels or at their live performances,” said Carey.


VMDO Music Consumer Insights on CDs 
VMDO Music Consumer Insights


Of all the online music streaming services, YouTube is by far the strongest performer,  with Spotify in a distant second place.

Carey said that while Spotify is the biggest revenue earner and pays more per stream to artists than YouTube, music businesses need to capitilise on the opportunities that YouTube offers for engaging with music consumers.

“The deeper engagement offered through video is one avenue that will convert listeners into fans,” he said.

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VMDO Music Consumer Insights



One of the more interesting finds in the study was that when it comes to finding out about gigs, radio rules them all.


VMDO Music Consumer Insights radio 
VMDO Music Consumer Insights

Download the full report here.