EMP Pathways Presents: A Master Class With Matt Young Of King Parrot

Matt Young is a busy man. When he is not biting peoples heads off as the front man for one of Australia’s hardest working heavy music bands, King Parrot, Matt keeps his hands busy in as many musical pies as he can. From Management and consultancy to song writing classes and booking national tours, Matt is involved in too many aspects of the industry to mention!

As part of his Masterclass presentation, Matt will get deep and philosophical with tales from the road - what can and ultimate does go wrong, what goes right and some hilarious tour stories, as well as give you a terrific insight to his own personal journey through the ranks of a very unforgiving profession. 

Matt will also be giving his advice on keeping your vocal chords (and your body) healthy so you can perform at your best and will be holding an open Q+A for anything you may want to know or learn from one of modern metal’s most enigmatic personalities.

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