EMP Pathways Launch Fundraiser Towards Music And Gaming Venue For Young People

After successfully running therapeutically supported music and healthy gaming programs out of local sporting clubs for the past year, E.M.P. Pathways will soon no longer have a venue.

As a start-up not-for-profit organisation, we have not been eligible to apply for major funding during this time and have relied upon the financial support of the community and a small grant we received, thanks to a sponsorship from Key Assets Australia.

We do not have the funding to hire a venue to ensure our members receive continued support while we actively pursuit a new venue and major funding. Therefore, we are appealing to the community for assistance during this time.

We've put together a bunch of awesome perks, ranging from signed posters, to handcrafted rings, personalised songs, and a whole bunch in between. Check them out here: https://chuffed.org/project/empowering-young-people-give-kids-more-confidence

The Plan

We are ready to grow as an organisation. We became eligible to apply for major funding on June 5 and are evaluating our program outcomes and preparing funding submissions right now.

This process will take time, during which, we plan to hire a venue in order to provide continued support to our young people.

The goal: $4,999 in 1 Month

Which will help fund...

  • Venue hire while permanent residency is acquired
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Lawyer fees to ensure E.M.P. Pathways is meeting all legal obligations
  • Resources for running workshops, masterclasses and activities for our young people and their guardians

And by doing this you'll also:

  • Ensure the continued therapeutic support of over 20 young people
  • Help us to accommodate for even more young people
  • Enable us to start-up two other programs designed for supporting youth and thier guardians
  • Be supporting a local not-for-profit start up organisation that is passionate about developing healthy communities and nurturing the skills and positive life choices of young people.

Potential Outcomes For Young People

  • EMPowered

  • Enhanced sense of self

  • Increased coping skills

  • Positive peer relationships

  • Deeper connections to community and culture

  • Improved home life

  • Improved school life

  • Lifeskills

  • Social Skills

  • Work skills

  • Improved cognitive function

  • Ability to compromise

  • Ability to give and receive constructive feedback

  • Increased empathy