Young People Review - EMP Pathways Metal Fundraiser

The EMP Pathways Metal Fundraiser featuring Favour The Brave, Alium, As I Destruct, Darkway Prive, Shatter Brain and Terminal Zero is done and dusted, and what a great success it was. The bands were amazing, the crowd had a good time and we were able to raise some money towards programs aimed at helping to reduce the risk of gaming in young people.

Without doubt one of the highlights of the day for us here at EMP Pathways was to have so many kids under 10 in the crowd, including our own. We salute you, our little metalhead friends.

Nathalia and Corey were two of the little ones tearing it up in the pit and they were kind enough to do a Young People review for us. Being the children of one of the band members, there's some obvious bias, still, we would say their assessment is firm but fair.

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Favour The Brave


As I Destruct

Shatter Brain

Terminal Zero.